This short survey is designed so that I can get to know my wonderfully vibrant community a little better. In knowing you better, I can finely hone my offering and ensure that we have a symbiotic relationship which works for us both. And as a heartfelt thank you for doing so, everyone who completes the survey will be entered into a prize draw where lucky winners will win a 30 x 30 cm original painting. (Winners will be announced via Facebook in Dec 2017 so stay signed in to hear if you have won!).

Understanding You Better and Connecting the Community

By leaving your feedback in this short survey, you will be serving the whole Laure Bury community as others will be able to gain from your honest and unbiased information. In forming a deeper understanding of you all, I will be able to further tailor my offering to suit the needs and wishes of each and every one of you. I am so very humbled by the fact that I have such receptive, kind and supportive folk following my work. I would love to hear from you and so invite you to enter the conversation. This isn’t a one way street! Let your voices be heard…

To show you how much I truly value your help, I want to say thank you in a real and tangible way so giving you a chance to win a 30 x 30 cm original painting will hopefully show you how grateful I am for your support. I will also be feeding back your comments and my findings in future posts so that you can see how I am going to use your survey responses. As I say, this is a two-way relationship!

Please be honest, and elaborate as much as you are able – your thoughts really do mean so much to me.I am very excited about this project

With love always,
Laure Bury