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Life Purpose

A lot is being said about one’s life purpose at the moment. We are evolving as a species and no longer content with purely existing to pay the bills or accumulate status and wealth. We want fulfilment, on a personal and a professional level and we would also like to make a difference.

The digital age has increased our awareness of suffering around the world and we want to change things. This is a beautiful stage of our evolution, but how do we do this? So many of us are stuck, or believe ourselves to be stuck in our responsibilities…

Three years ago, I held a studio sale to fundraise for a trip to Peru with my son Alex, where we held several art workshops at Azul Wasi orphanage and at Picaflor House in Oropesa. I truly believe, that what I personally have to give to the world is Healing with Art. This is my life’s purpose.

I endeavour to send Joy into my client’s homes through my paintings and bring a little peace and love into my workshops.

I do not work for a charity, but fund my work with children through the sale of my paintings. I will be holding another studio sale in the new year, to bring Art, Light and Healing to a children’s orphanage in India. I will travel with paints, brushes and canvases from the sale of my paintings to share with some of the under-privileged children of the Palakkad orphanage and thank you for all your support, making it possible for me to do this wonderful work.