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Tara Children’s Project

Laure Bury, one of our local artists, known for her vibrant landscapes and colour compositions with butterflies will soon be leaving the comforts of her studio and home in Mary Tavy to spend some time at the Tara Children’s orphanage in North East India. Laure, who has completed a foundation course in Art Therapy and witnessed the healing power of art in many people’s lives including her own, will be giving art workshops to the 31 orphans resident at the centre. These children range from ages 5 to 16 and have lost both their parents to HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, there is still a stigma attached to HIV in India, which often means orphans are then rejected from the rest of their family and community.

Tara Children’s orphanage is part of the Root Institute, the only HIV orphanage in the whole state of Bihar and hopes to lead the way for the rest of India.The emphasis of the project is to achieve stability for the children who suffer from the effects of rejection.

Tavistock Times readers, kindly donated art materials to Laure when she travelled to Azul Wasi orphanage in Peru in 2014. On this occasion, Laure will funding her work through the sales of paintings. If you would like to purchase one of her colourful paintings, or wish to gift a painting to a loved one, this is a wonderful opportunity for you to contact Laure. Anything chosen from the website www.laurebury.com will be available to you and all proceeds will go towards Laure’s work with the children. For more information, please contact Laure on 01822810576