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    Laure Bury ~ An Artist

Laure Bury lives in Mary Tavy in West Devon. Her art is inspired by the rugged Dartmoor landscape but her vibrant colour palette tells another story.

Laure was born in Versailles, France and also lived for many years in Spain and Mexico. The warmth and colours of these countries and their cultures burst through her landscapes and seascapes. This added dimension to her work has brought her a loyal following of fans and collectors across the world.

“Living in Mexico was a very formative time for me as an artist. I was fortunate enough to meet renowned artist Jaime Pizarro, who took me under his wing and taught me to paint. He also showed me there were no mistakes in art and that any imagined error could be turned into something beautiful. This was many years ago but I still think about him when I am in my studio today.”

“There were also other circumstances of my life in Mexico, which made me the person I am today. Just before my son was born, I suffered a brain haemorrhage and slipped into a coma where I remained for two weeks. When I came to, the doctors told me what a miracle it was that I and my baby had survived, and that another lady had suffered the same during my stay in hospital, but neither her or her child had survived”.

“I have been so grateful ever since then for another chance at life and the opportunity to raise my son Christian. This experience however, made me question so much about life, why I was here and why I was given another chance.  Many of my questions were eventually answered through spirituality. I followed several courses in Metaphysics, became a spiritual healer, studied yoga, meditation, mindfulness and art therapy which have all inspired the work I do today”.

Laure is well known for her beautiful “Butterfly paintings” which carry a message about transformation and the ability to come out of the darkness and into the light. She also feels connected to the world of animals and particularly birds. She used to see hummingbirds from her window in Mexico, and now brings them into her work as symbol of the healer. She says “Hummingbirds have a long history of folklore and symbolism in native cultures. The Aztecs saw them as messengers between them and their ancestors or the gods. In Native American culture, Hummingbirds are seen as healers, and bringers of love, good luck and joy. It is this joy of living that I endeavour to transmit in my paintings, to share with the world. Life is so precious and every day is a gift. We certainly all have our challenges, but if we can focus on gratitude and love, we are much more likely to find the solutions…”

For more information email Laure at laurebury@icloud.com