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Life’s Rich Tapestry


I am often asked about my paintings and these are some of the words that occur to me today and some published by my local rag:

My Seascapes embody life’s rich tapestry. Layer upon layer of textured colour, exploring a myriad of emotions, travelling through long lost childhood memories, innocent pastures, long hot summers and the promise of Joy.

Each painting has the ability to impact the viewer, transporting him or her to a place of tranquility, pleasure and fulfillment.

There is an extraordinary attention to detail. The viewer never tires of the painting, always discovering a new line, stroke, wild flower or distant wave. The colours blend together in perfect harmony in the manner of a playful and enchanting dance.

These are some of the reasons, Laure’s seascapes have been so successful at her recent exhibitions and continue to wow the public at her gallery now in Richmond.


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