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The last few months have been very exciting and very special for me. My partner has bought a lovely camper van, and together we have been exploring the coasts of Devon and Cornwall. He has surfed all his life, is fanatical about it and has inspired my son and I to take to the waves. It is so much fun!! The wonderful thing about being in the water, is that you feel so ALIVE.

Thanks to these trips, I have also found new inspiration for my paintings. I seem to be leaving the transformational butterflies behind me and am instead, expressing the beauty of our natural surroundings in the South West of England. I particularly love looking down from the rocks to the turquoise blue hues and the waves crashing against the cliffs. And then, there are the sand dunes. Ahhh… “If you’re fond of sand dunes and salty air…” one of my favourite songs and now one of my favourite subject matters.

Did you know that Sand dunes are endangered? And lots of work is being done around the country and across Europe to protect them.

I personally love the feeling of the sand beneath my feet, and that exhilaration of walking to the beach with my surf board and the anticipation of the joy to come. That is precisely what I endeavour to express through my new paintings. I hope you like them.

Love Laure